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Suing Massachusetts car dealer outside small claims court.

I'll spare you the details, but I think I was the victim of an unfair and deceptive sales practice by a used car dealer in Massachusetts. If I do a demand letter and sue the dealer is it possible for me to sue in district court or do I have to sue in small claims court? Thanks.

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You can sue the dealer in any court that has proper jurisdiction.  However, most pro se litigants (representing themselves) choose to avoid district court because small claims court has relaxed rules.  Generally, if the amount in question is under $7000, small claims court will work for you.

If you are talking about a larger amount, I would contact a consumer protection lawyer in MA to discuss the case.  Because plaintiffs can recover treble damages and attorneys fees in some cases by using chapter 93A (Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act), attorneys will often offer a free consultation and may even work on a contingency.  Good luck.

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