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strange? speeding ticket

Odd stop- question about Lidar system.

I received my first traffic citation in over a decade last weekend for speeding on the mass pike. I was possibly driving over the posted limit (65) but I am certain that I was not traveling at the speed noted on the ticket (81). Here's what's strange about the whole thing:

As I drove over the crest of a hill, traveling in the right lane (of 2 lanes in my direction), I immediately noticed a patrol car ahead with a car pulled over in front of it. I shifted to the left lane and could see that the officer was at the driver's window of the car he had pulled over and was handing them paperwork. When I was a few hundred feet away, the officer suddenly stepped out into the road and walked across the right lane of traffic. I hit my brakes hard and drove towards the far left of the left lane. As I was very near him, the officer indicated that I should pull over, and I did. The officer walked over to my car and asked for license and proof of insurance, I gave him these things, and he took them back to his car. At this point the other car that had been pulled over drove away.
The officer brought back my license and paperwork and a ticket, he mumbled something brief and unintelligible, other than the phrase "lowered it". He then went back to his car and backed it up a bit to lay in wait for his next offender.
It took a while to understand what the ticket said (parts of it are still undecipherable), but it seems to indicate that my speed was ascertained by both an estimate, and by Lidar. When he pulled me over, the officer was not holding a lidar gun, and he could not have taken a measure, put the gun back in his car and then suddenly been at the passenger's side window of the other car (which was about 25 feet in front of his) in the time between my cresting the hill and my seeing him at the other car's driver's window.
My best guess so far is that Mass troopers have some sort of automatic lidar system mounted on their cars with some sort of video playback. Is this true? Is it possible?
There weren't any other cars immediately next to me or immediately behind me when I was pulled over, but there were a lot that were short distances (a few hundred feet in either direction, so I think it would have had to have been a fairly sophisticated system for him to have picked my car out.

I know this was a bit long, and hopefully not too difficult to follow. I'd appreciate any knowledge about these systems that anyone else has to share.

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Interesting.  I don't have any information about how that system works, but you can follow this  link for a discussion on appealing tickets in MA.  Good luck.

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