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Step mother moving slow

My father passed away 14 months ago. He was diagnosed and passed in less than a month. In those last few weeks he did create a will and left everything to his wife (my step mother), but was mentally not himself. He did verbally state before he passed that he wanted my brother and I to have all of his tools. She has said all along that we can go through his personal items, and take certain things, but so far we have only received a small box of items. She just keeps telling us that she isn't planning on doing it anytime soon.

She did share the will with us and it did state that everything is left to her, and if something happens to her, everything should go to me.
I've checked with the MA probate court and she still hasn't filed. Do we as his adult children have any rights, or is the some type of time limit when filing in probate court? It has come to the point where we are tired of waiting for her.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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