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Stems of tree cut down

My neighbors tree cutting service cut and trimmed trees around his house the tree cutting service cut 2 of 4 stems of my red maple down at the trunk length 45 feet diameter 10 inches without my permission the trunk is on my land ajacent to his. Both stems landed along the back of his house outside his fence in an undeveloped wooded area their are no, no tresspass signs posted almost off the back part of his property down a hill wooded area being forrest.

I went over ware they were and cut them smaller and dragged them back to my property which is not marked by any border it is beyond the fence line. I found out later maybe this is trespassing ? I read being that it is not fenced in or upon his domicile in the woods this maybe considered not a trespass a valid reason for being their retrieving ones own property. Is this legal or did I mistakenly commit an infraction without realizing it at the time ? I sure hope not I saw no harm in removing what no one would want that is not theirs which is my property in the woods. I was never told verbally nor in writing that I could not go behind my adjacent neighbors house in the wooded area.

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