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Ssdi dependant

I have my daughter 70% of the time since I have filed my ssdi claim and my ex moved out 2 months after I filed also.Her school records indicate this is her primary residence and she takes the bus from my house daily.Like I said I have her 70% of the time and take her when ever my ex works and I have given my ex over 8k in support even though I have my daughter most the time to help out and always pay her summer camp and all other activities and clothes ect.Always paid by check so I have records of payment.We were never married or did we go to court over our daughter.I have gone above and beyond with being nice.I let my ex claim my daughter on her taxes to help her out because her income is low just to help her out.I won my ssdi case and they intend to pay my ex all retro pay and monthly payments for my daughter.I was not going to fight it until I recieved notice that it changes my status to medicare that only covers 80% of my medical and I will be paying 100% of my meds.This will leave me with little money to live and I believe with the amount of time I have my daughter and the school records indicating this is her primary residence that all benefits should come to me.I know my ex will not put the money away for my daughter as it should be for her future.I was told if I bring her school records to my local ssdi office and state that she is with me much more than 50% that they may allow me atleast the retro child payment and possably monthly payments.Do I need to take this to family court,what records do I need to bring to my ssdi office to show my side?They are benefits I have worked all my life for and if I won they would place me on a better health plan so I can live above water.Should I fight it ,can I win?
Please help me!

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