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SSDI and two family home

I've been receiving SSDI for several years now but my wife and I can't seem to make ends meet. We are thinking of selling our home and buying a two family house so we can rent half of it out to make some extra money. If the Social Security Administration found out about that could they take away my disability money? Thank you.

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Follow this link for a discussion of eligibility for SSDI.  You will see that SSDI is not needs based, like SSI, and the type of home you live in has nothing to do with eligibility.  The only way it could be relevant is if you somehow demonstrated that you are no longer disabled by, for example, spending time doing physically difficult work or repairs on the house.  If you are still disabled, you may want to think twice about becoming a landlord.  Especially if your wife works and cannot help, being a landlord can require a good deal of time and energy.  Good luck.  For more information, visit our Massachusetts Disability Law Discussion Forum.

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