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Speeding ticket ruled "under advisement"

I had a civil speeding ticket trial today and the judge ruled "under advisement"..I submitted officer training records which I thought were insufficient (24 years in service w/o training on Radar and the fact that the last time the radar device was calibrated was over a year ago which I received as part of my request for public information. nI also requested some information from the police department using the M.G.L - Chapter 66, Section 10 law and received most of my request - did not receive the operating manual. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back on the decision form the judge for decisions that are "under advisement"?

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Submitted Tue, 06/22/2010 - 08:49

Many times the judge is writing out his or her decision even as they tell you the matter is under advisement. This is to let either or both of the parties cool off before learning of the decision. Many judges take everything they hear under advisement, then send out a ruling later in the day. Of course, other judges take only difficult case under advisement so they can research the laws on their own or ponder the facts outside of the court. In your case, taking the matter under advisement could indicate you were successful and the judge did not want to upset the police officer, but it could also mean you were not successful and the judge did not want to embarrass you in the courtroom. Good luck.  Attorney Kevin Gaughen

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