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Speed ticket with numerous errors on it

Got a speeding ticket early this morning for doing 45 in a 25, firstly I know I wasn't doing that so I plan on fighting it.
My ticket has numerous errors on it.
Firstly my DL state is wrong (or at least was written wrong at some point and poorly corrected).
2. The violation date is wrong, while the time was correct (a little after midnight, 00:16AM), it was dated for the previous day, actually according to time and date of the offense per the ticket I was tucked up in bed and had been for several hours.
3. The street is wrong, the town contains too byways of similar name, one suffixed Road and one suffixed Street according to both the town street map and assessors database and mapping. The infraction took place on the one named Street, the citation says Road, the posted speed limit is very different for both of these byways, 35 and above for the Road and 20 for the Street.
4. The ticket says the posted speed limit is 25 MPH, but there is no where on my route traveled where it is that speed limit, it is either 20, 35, 45 or 50.

Do I have any hope here?

Seems like they could all be classed as simple mistakes or typos, but if the officer doesn't appear to know what byway I was actually traveling on, what the posted speed limit is on said byway and also what day it is, how can he actually enforce things.

Thank you for any help or advice, MA isn't my home state, I know at home, I'd just check not guilty meet with the prosecutor the morning of my court date, show him a copy of the ticket with the are you kidding me on all these mistakes and it would get dropped, but this whole pay $25 to see a magistrate has me doubting things.

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