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Spare Keys

I am moving into a new apartment, and I asked the management company for the new apartment building if I could get two sets of keys when I move in - one set for myself and a spare to keep for emergencies or when I need someone to sit for my cat while I'm away. The representative at the management company said "Giving out extra keys is against the terms and conditions of the lease, and making copies will only damage the cores of the building security door and apartment door, which could be expensive" (this is copied directly from the e-mail she sent me). I read the lease very carefully before I signed it, and there is nothing in the lease about spare keys. I then asked if, since she claimed it violated the lease to have spare keys, I could get that in writing when I was given my copy of the lease, and she said they would not put it in writing. Is this legal? And if the lease says nothing about spare keys, could I be evicted for having a copy made myself?

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I think it is EXTREMELY unlikely that a judge in Massachusetts would agree that a landlord can prevent a tenant from making copies of keys, especially when the lease is silent on the issue.  I am willing to bet that most of your neighbors have made copies of their keys.  Good luck.

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