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We have had a problem with our landlord not fixing things he promised us he would fix.. We have mice in our apartment and my newborn son was actually hospitalized for hantavirus from mice feces which is how we realized there was mice in the apartment. Our landlord has promised us for months he would come put traps up and all he did was put snap traps outside our door. I was wondering if there is a law against a landlord putting them out there when we also have a 3 year old. We had to move them as soon as we saw them for her safety. He also shows up at our apartment and calls me to come in without giving us any notice. We gave him a list when we moved in of everything that needs to be fixed and he has not done anything. We had a leak in our closet and it took him a week to fix it so now we fear there might be mold. I told him I would have to call the board of health but he didn't seem to mind. Is what he doing wrong? our mouse traps against the law with a toddler living there?

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That is a huge problem and a clear violation of the Housing and Sanitary Code.  Your landlord has an obligation to take all reasonable steps to rid the unit of rodents and vermin and to make sure the apartment is in compliance with the Code.  You can read this post regarding forcing a landlord to make repairs.  Bottom line:  If the landlord does not take immediate and effective measures, preferably with a professional exterminator who knows how to work without impacting the residents of the unit(s), I would call inspectional services.  I do not know of any law forbidding the landlord from placing snap-traps, but there is something called common sense.  If one of the traps injured your child, you would have good argument that the landlord was negligent and should pay damages.  I would not hesitate to relocate the traps to places that are out of reach of your children.   Good luck.

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