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Slander and defamation of character through accusations at work

I am a pca and my employee has now accused me twice of two different things. One she accused me of stealing and then found out that another pca moved her stuff. She apologized to me. Then she just now accused me of smoking marijuana which i don't do she said it about when i go outside to smoke a cigarette on my break. I am knowing that this sounds like slander she is accusing me of things i dont do or have done. I wanna know what are my rights for this what can i do.

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If you are asking if you could collect damages from the client, I would guess not, based on the analysis of Massachusetts slander and defamation law below.  However, you can certainly talk to your manager/supervisor and take steps to protect yourself.  You could ask to be assigned to a different client and also that the false accusations, with explanations provided by you and your co-worker, be included in the client file.  Create a bit of a paper trail that will serve as a buffer against any future claims by the client.
Regarding defamation or slander in Massachusetts (slander is spoken, libel is written), there are certain elements that must be proven by the victim:  (1) a false and defamatory communication: (2) about concerning the plaintiff; and (3) that was published or uttered to a third party. You can read more about these elements in National R.R. Passenger Corp, 486 F.Supp.2d 58 (D.Mass 2007).  Also, assuming that the above elements are proven, The plaintiff/victim is generally required to show actual damages resulting from the slanderous or defaming statements.  There are a couple of important Massachusetts cases on this point, including Nolan, 37 Mass. Practice, 185 and Lakian, 399 Mass., 382.  So, for example, if you were fired as a result of the false accusations, then you might have some damages to sustain such a claim.  Good luck.

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