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Signed a Lease but then bought home before Lease started - raising rent

We have been tenants in a Brookline rental for the past 3 years and paid rent like clockwork to landlord. We signed a lease in May for another year to start in June. However, 12 days later, we got an accepted offer on a house around the corner. I immediately notified the landlord telling him that we would need to move in the coming months. I thought he would give us the benefit of the doubt and just find new renters and essentially void the lease that had not even started yet. We offered to help find new tenants like a sublet situation but he very innocently just asked us to send any potential tenants to his Broker. The problem is that now he is asking a significantly higher rent which will make the place much harder to rent. Are we on the hook for rent indefinitely until he comes to his senses and reduces the increased rent price? It seems unfair that he could raise the bar and make it harder to rent when we're in this situation. Like he has nothing to lose since he's expecting rent from us whether it rents or not. We cannot afford a mortgage and a $3200/month rent bill. Anyone have any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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