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Shoplifting at Star Market - pay the outrageous fine, or not?

So, I won't go into any details, but I was caught today shoplifting at Star Market in Boston. I was approached by security as I went through the exit. They recovered all items, got my info (including SSN), and I signed their write-up form. The guy said I'll receive a fine in the mail - if I pay it, I'm all set. Now, I've been reading a lot online since because I'm really nervous. My question is - should I pay the fine on the civil demand notice when I receive it? I see some other posts that say they were demanded to pay the full $500. I've also read some posts that say one might be better off ignoring all demand notices as they likely won't be sued in court. Does anybody have any information/experience with Star Market/Shaw's in particular? Or, any more insight as to how these things have played out in Boston/MA recently?

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, lapped. I hope you can still see it. I went in a similar situation as you, also in star market in MA. No police involed and I was told that I will not be sent to court because I was cooperated. Then the officer stated I need to pay the fine that they mailed and stay away from the store. I haven't received the fine and getting so nervous about any possible consequences. Would you might to introduce the development of your case? I am trying to find out what would happen next. Thank you!

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