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Serious privacy violations at my second-floor windows!

I have a lot of problems with my nosy, judgmental landlord and this rundown apartment I rent, and I wish I could move, but I can't. This landlord does not deserve the regular, on-time rent payments I've made for almost 6 years, and the $60,000+ I've put in his pockets.

The landlord doesn't live here, but since I've moved in, I've discovered that he loves to stop by and go through tenants' trash, look through windows into the apartments, bang on the door until someone answers, comment on our eating habits, etc. When he took care of his mother, we could breathe more easily after 4 pm, because he would be gone for the night. But his mother has passed and now he can be expected at any time there's daylight. Worse - and my most immediate concern - I can no longer count on privacy outside of ANY of my second-floor windows!

My landlord - and the friend to which he's been letting live downstairs since February - have been outside my bedroom windows at one point or another, after business hours, in eyeshot and/or earshot of my activities. Let's just say I am a grown woman and I don't require an audience when I have a particular guest on a Friday night. Yet this is what happens repeatedly. For a while, it was because the landlord was working on his boat,which he kept in the yard, putting him up high and allowing him to see and hear me. He arrived after hours on a Friday night and was not the least bit deterred by what he likely heard and saw. Humiliating, embarrassing and infuriating. This has not been the only time. He can accomplish just as much in terms of violating me by simply standing outside one of my bedroom windows, which was also done on a Friday night with the friend. The sound from the room just pours out of a window with an A/C unit, and I can't even breathe without someone hearing from right outside. And now the landlord is here EVERY Friday night - for hours. So much for TGIF!

On a Saturday, I found him outside a bedroom window on a ladder. When he hauled the boat away, finally, I thought things would be "normal" again, but then scaffolding went up! The friend, downstairs, has been working on the house, directly outside my living room, slowly and sporadically. He works a job the same schedule that I do, so he does this on weekends, when I'm off, too. The friend got up on the scaffolding on a Sunday, without any warning.

One work morning, I stepped out of the shower around 6:30-6:45 to see my landlord in the backyard - again, with a view of me through the window I am forced to crack for ventilation.

Basically, every moment there is daylight I must assume that eyes and ears - and noses! - will be at my windows at any time. I am extremely uncomfortable, stressed out and am experiencing tension headaches, something I just don't normally get. I can't let the landlord see me order pizza, have a cocktail, grill red meats, etc, lest he lecture me on my evil ways. I can't enjoy the outside yard and patio at all, and try to put off laundry so I don't have to see him during daylight hours.

I am thinking of abandoning any sort of dating life because of this. Aside from calling the police, and possibly losing my apartment, I don't know what else I can do. I can close all the windows and turn on the AC, but I still can't keep my landlord from "unintentionally" spying on me. I have received commentary from both the landlord and his friend about what they've seen, heard and smelled! This is nuts! None of it is illegal or against the rules of the house!

What can I do? I have already brought up my concerns to each man, but nothing changes. In fact, I've heard them laughing about it. The landlord makes me pay the gas and share the one meter with his friend. Can I use THAT as leverage? If your landlord has exhibited numerous creepy behaviors (I have left so much out), can you get a court to order him to back off unless it's necessary for him to be here for emergencies, or for work during regular business hours?

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