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Is seller required to pay for repairs to pass inspection?

I sold a 2004 Cadillac CTS with 136,xxx miles on it. On the listing, I disclosed everything I knew that was wrong with it. Again in person I told them what was wrong with it and even said the front blinker just went out and needed to be fixed before inspection. I also have a witness to agree (who also signed the bill of sale under as a witness.) I had the buyer, and her brother test drive the car to further see if everything is okay. She ended up buying it for $2,800. The following day I was told that it was leaking power steering fluid, something neither I nor the buyer knew on the purchase date, because there would’ve been fluids all over the parking lot where the sale was done, and there wasn’t. Again I have a witness to prove it. She’s told me she would take it into the shop and make sure wants wrong with me. Meanwhile, she had it inspected and it failed for window tint, although I’ve had the car for 3 years and never failed due to tint, and I believe it’s a factory tint. She also said it failed due to a brake light being out, which she told me the estimated cost she was given was about $300 to fix. I told her that once the car was sold, the seller is not responsible to pay for any repairs, however that because the inspection repairs exceed 10%, $280, that i will take the car back and give her a full refund. She said nothing about wanting to return the car, and instead kept telling me that as the seller I am responsible to pay for any defaults that caused the car to fail inspection. I repeatedly told her I’m happy to fully refund the money, however I cannot pay for repairs as I’m not required to, and even a sent her screenshots of the law on Now she’s talking about getting a lawyer to make me pay for her repairs. Does she have any case?

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