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Second offense driving w suspended license

I had my license suspended a while ago for 'medical' reason--I had a minor accident pulling into a parking space ((grazed the mirror of the car next to me). I was afraid and not far from my house so I left and walked home. I was very upset and crying when the police came to my house so they decided I was'having a nervous breakdown '. (That's what is on the paperwork). My psychiatrist laughed when she saw this and said 'no police officer can diagnose that!) Anyway, my doctor had to leave the office literally a few days after this incident; I have a new doctor but she wants to treat me for six months before she signs the paperwork to reinstate my license. Anyway that's the backstory.

Since then (May 2016) I've driven without the license a few times. I was cited in November. It was dismissed w a fine. I just got pulled over again two weeks ago. I'm petrified of what will happen. My husband has the only key to my van at his office and I will not drive again. I want to know what to expect in court. I lost my job when I lost my license the first time. We have no money, three kids on one income, aand I can't get a job. I need some advice. Thank you.

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