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School Bus Drama- Crazy Bus Driver

The road in front of the parking garage that I park for work is a two-lane, one-way street. The parking garage is located on the left side right before a light and a bus was sitting in the far right lane at the light. I made sure to check (and double check) that the bus did not have any lights on or the stop sign was out before I slowly pulled out into the left lane beside it. Immediately, the bus driver starts honking and cussing me out. I am completely confused because there wasn't anyone crossing nor were her lights on or stop sign out to indicate that she was letting a child off. I'm looking at her like wtf are you talking about? It's not like I came from behind her when and if she was letting a child off. I just want to make sure that there are no rules about pulling out beside a bus even when they aren't letting children off. I am angry because I didn't get her bus number to report her. Especially when I literally did nothing wrong. I was very conscious and aware before I pulled out and would've waited if she was letting a child off. I think she thought that I had come from behind her but that still doesn't give her the excuse to yell or honk at me like that, especially when she had kids on the bus watching her.

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