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Roommate placed stop payment on rent check. Is this check fraud and can I file charges?

So, living in a house with six roommates is crummy when one decides he is moving out a day after rent is due. He came home to get his stuff and I convinced him he was leaving us high and dry by not paying rent that was due the day before. He wrote me a check in our kitchen and said he'd get me the utility money he owed me (around 150$) later. His only stipulation was that he asked that I inform him before I send out the check so he would know he had sufficient funds. Two weeks go by and the landlord is, rightfully so, demanding his portion of the rent so I send it to him and inform my ex-roommate that I sent the check. His response, "Thanks for the heads up." A week later I get a call from my landlord informing me there was a stop payment placed on his check and they're now demanding the rest of the money. Any attempt to reach him via email and phone call and text message has proven fruitless He was never actually on the lease of the house but he paid several months of rent in the house as he lived there from August to March. Please tell me that there is something I can do and that he hasn't gotten away from paying rent and utilities that he said he would be responsible for while living in our house.

Side note:
Not sure if this is relevant but before the stop payment was placed on his check he showed up early in the morning, entered our house without permission since he still had a key and went through our mail to sift out his own. Does this constitute any form of breaking and entering? I think he did this to take any mail we might have had with his new address listed on it.

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