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Rights of terminated employee when fired in Massachusetts?

Hi. I just got fired from my job for poor performance one week before Christmas. I don't have a beef with the employer because the job s****d and I wasn't any good at it. But I'm wondering about what rights I have or anyone has a I guess when an employee is terminated. Does Massachusetts have any special laws that I should be aware of? Thanks.

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Sorry about the job.  Under Massachusetts and Federal law employees are entitled to certain things upon termination from a job.  Perhaps most importantly, the fired employee is entitled to payment of earned wages. Since you were fired, you should have received your last check on the date of termination.  Similarly, you are entitled to any accrued vacation time, although it doesn't sound like you were on the job long enough to earn any.

Beyond that, the employer is required to give you notice regarding (1) how to file for unemployment benefits in MA, and (2) your rights regarding the continuation of any health insurance coverage (COBRA).  Usually, these notices come in the mail after termination.

Obviously, if you were a union and/or contract employee, the contract would likely spell out additional rights regarding your termination and the manner it is carried out.  Similarly, employees may have certain rights as a result of any employee handbooks or manual provided by the employer.  In some case, an employee manual or handbook may be considered a contract.  Good luck in the new year.

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