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Rights to House?

I am in the separation phase of my divorce, and have been paying the full mortgage since leaving 6 months ago for the benefit of my kids. This was agreed upon in our temporary agreement at the first court hearing. She has since moved her boyfriend (whom she was having an ongoing affair with), into that home, and he has been living there, without employment, for over a month now while I still pay the full nut on the house.

Do I have any say as to who lives there since the house is still in my name? Is it unfair for me to ask that he pays a reasonable amount of rent?

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You should consult your family law attorney because he/she, unlike me, is an expert on these matters. However, my guess is that, unless you can convince a court that there is some issue regarding the best interest of the kids living in the house, you cannot control who lives there. Sorry.

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