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Right turn on Red

There is an intersection in our town that is quite dangerous to pedestrians and bikers. There is a turning lane that allows drivers to turn right at all times. The problem is that there is a pedestrian crosswalk there and the light for the pedestrians cannot be readily seen by those drivers.

So what happens is a driver slows as he approaches that intersection and is looking left to see if there is oncoming traffic. If he can merge then he accelerates (and almost never stops). The problem is that he cannot readily see the green pedestrian signal so walkers and bikers are in potential danger.

I have met with local police/safety officers. They say it is set up that way to improve the congestion at that large intersection. I have suggested that a "No turn on red" sign be posted so the drivers will stop when the light is red and stay stopped until it is either full green or a green arrow. In that way the safety of the walkers/bikers will be insured.

It has been 6 months and nothing has been done. The reason given is, again, the high level of congestion and the need to keep the traffic flowing even when the light is red.

I am meeting with these officials again next week and would like to make a more convincing argument for a "No turn on red" sign. Any help is welcomed.

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