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Revocable trusts

My brother set up a revocable trust, and named his companion as trustee. He also made out a will for his brothers, nieces and nephews. About two years before his death, an aide noticed that he had some guns in a locked gun cabinet. Apparently at the time he was kind of rude and mean to this aid. She called her boss and the local police department, and the guns were removed. Because his companion did not have a FID card, the guns were given to a nephew who did. Another nephew who lived out of state was talking to the nephew who had the guns, claiming that my brother left the guns to him, although there was nothing in writing. The nephew brought the guns across state lines and gave them to the requesting nephew. My brothers companion lawyer claims that because the guns were part of the estate, they would have to be returned, to get a correct appraisal. The nephew refuses, nothing has been done to close this trust out, it's been almost a year now, nobody has been informed about what is happening, no money has been distributed to the beneficiary's, in questioning the lawyer, all she says is that the guns have to be there anyway to have this trustee removed if all beneficiary agree, so that this trust can be closed out...his companion will not release any of his property to brothers or anyone. no one knows the status or what is going on..Is there a judge in charge of courts or someone to look into this.

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