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Residential basement sump pump

Within the past 3 years we purchased a home on Cape Cod in Barnstable county. We have an existing sump pump in our basement and a high water table in the neighborhood. Our pump discharges the water into out back yard under our patio and goes out into the yard. My neighbor has filled a nuisance complaint the our water is flooding his tree line or base of his property and his only concern is if his shrubs die. The town is ordering my to "stop" which if I do my basement will flood as well as my furnace, etc. The water is discharged about 20' from my house and about 50' from the property line. My back yard has a very gradual slope away from my house as well as my other neighbors on each side. The neighbor behind me with the complaint lives on a hill which slopes down to this same area and with the very wet season this year the water is pooling up at the base of the hill and has nowhere to go. My question is what are my rights to pump the water out into my own property (as my other neighbors are doing) regardless of where it my end up. The water is not impeding the use of his property its only along the property line and most is in my yard. I don't know how this is considered a public nuisance... Any advice would be really helpful.

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