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Renter's rights in a flooded apartment

I rent an apartment in Brookline and last week we had some severe flooding that filled about 80% of our apartment with 6 inches of water. The water subsided and our floors were completely destroyed and needed to be ripped up. It's been about a week now and currently our landlord had someone come rip up all of the floors and put down a mold/mildew coating to protect the apartment. However, they are waiting for insurance money before they put down new flooring. So we are left with ripped up wooden glue covered floors. I don't think it's even safe to live here because of that. Not to mention that all of our furniture has been moved to block the kitchen off making it unusable. We also have out bathroom covered in dirt because sewer water came up from the shower, sink and toilet during the flooding.
I want to know if our landlord has to pay for us to have a hotel during this period? I work from home and have been unable to use most of the apartment. They told us we wouldn't have to pay rent during the period that it is not fixed, but right now our apartment is pretty much unlivable. With no kitchen and a disgusting bathroom and ripped up living/dining area with boxes everywhere.

What rights do we have?

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Follow this thread for a similar question re flooding and tenant rights.  To me, it sounds like the unit is not habitable.  In which case, you do not have to pay rent and can use the money, instead, to find temporary housing.  If the landlord disagrees, call inspectional services and ask for an inspection.

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