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Rental Agency Obligations to Home owners regarding tenants who violate contract

I am a vacation home owner who rents a Cape Cod property through a rental agency. This past week, neighbors to the property , which was rented through the agency called the rental company to complain of excess noise, loud-late-at night vulgarity, and excessive occupancy. This was the first day of the weekly rental. The manager visited and got some sort of verbal commitment by the occupants they would 'tone it down'. Several more calls, etc etc same reaction. I was not informed until Tuesday morning by my neighbor of the situation.

I called the agency who only then advised me of the above. When asked about the issue of over occupany, the manager told me the renters said they were abiding by the 4 persons only agreement on the lease, even though there were 8 to 10 vehicles on the property.

On Wednesday morning, before get-out-of-bed time, I went to the house and counted 8 vehicles. I woke the residents after observing broken deck furniture, a huge amount of cigarette butts on the deck of this non-smoking property (the deck has cigarette burns on it) and piles of open garbage on the deck and in the drive way. I told the residents they were in violation of the contract and per the agency's rule they had to leave. I called the local police at that time.

I called the manager of the agency who lethargically arrived, after the police came and asked the renters about their occupany, counting 6 residents which is the number of people the renters told the police were there.

After some discussion with the rental manager, the residents agreed to leave but only when he offered that I would refund the unused time on the rental. After some discussion and to expedite the departure he agreed to split the approx $500 cost with me. Eventually, 8 very hung over barely awake renters left the property.

Lots of words and I would suspect the issue is more my poor judgement in selecting an inexperienced, weak willed rental company to work with. However, my question is this: The agency's web listed policy explicitly says that any violation of the contract by renters is a basis for immediate eviction, with no refunds. It is clear and explicit these renters needed to be removed with no refund offered.

But my question is: how do you go about evicting weekly renters if they will not leave? It is clear this group of 20-25 year olds have no concern for lack of future referals and so forth so what legal recourse is there? It seems like the agency's words are hollow and essentially useless. Is that a reasonable conclusion?

Any comments?

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The ONLY way to deal with that issue is to have the police remove them.  I understand the police do not want to get involved, but the excess people are trespassing--they do not have your permission to live in the unit. As for the people who actually have the right to be in the unit (always get the names of the approved tenants on the rental agreement), I honestly do not know what you can do with them.  Hopefully you have a security deposit for any damages.  In the future, you might add a clause to the rental agreement forbidding additional overnight visitors, but specifying some amount of excess rent per extra person, per night if the provision is violated. 

Good, reasonable, thoughtful, quick response. Thanks

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