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Refusal of Health Insurance due to taking agreed leave

I have worked for a San Diego based company who have a branch in MA for nearly five years, part-time, and recently full-time. I was informed that, before I can be regarded as a full-time employee, I must complete a six-month probationary period (despite the company having known me since 2007). The six months are up, and I have just been informed that I will not be receiving the expected health insurance benefits because I had taken leave during the probationary period. No-one informed me of this problem at the time the leave dates were agreed. The company have a history of underpaying and lying to their employees.

Do I have a case? Where should I begin? I can't quit immediately, and the threat of doing so would make no difference to the company (they'd prefer new, inexperienced staff to veterans who cause trouble).

I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

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It sounds like you are an at-will employee, on probation after starting a "new" job.  I know nothing about the company in question and whether there is some pattern of illegal or unethical behavior upon which you can base claim.  But, in general, the company is allowed to establish rules for new employees and require them to show up to work during probationary periods.  Unless you were authorized, either by the company polices or by Massachusetts law, to take time off or leave from your job, then you have, apparently, violated the company policies.

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