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Reduction of MA Sales Tax on Automobile with Trade-in

I have a negotiated deal with a dealer to buy a new vehicle.
I want to trade a car in, and we have an agreed value of $12k.
The vehicle to be traded in is a 2017 VW Jetta and I paid 100% sales tax on it just 18 months ago (on @$20k purchase price).

I do not have a lien on the vehicle so want a check to pay off another car loan, rather than having the trade-in value included in the financing.
The dealer, whom initially agreed to this, is not saying they don't know how to credit the sales tax.

I have reviewed the laws, as I can find, and my understanding is that the sales tax should be reduced by the value of the trade-in vehicle (since taxes were already paid on it) even though as it relates to the purchase price it has no value.

I have suggested to the dealer if I had a $12k lien on the trade-in vehicle the scenario would be the same, yet it seems they only want to do this if the check is issue to a lien on the vehicle.

I have suggested it might be foolish, but perhaps I get a lien on the vehicle for $12k, then it satisfies their requirement. Of course it requires me creating a lien for the sole purpose of having them pay it off.

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