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Red light ticket with prior driving history

I received a red light ticket the other day (3/18/16) for grid-blocking or gridlocking (I am unsure which term the officer said) an intersection. The light was green when I crossed the line and the officer said the light was red when I turned left. I appealed the ticket, but have not received my court date. Now I know a red light alone will not cause a license suspension, but I am concerned about my license because of my prior driving history. When I was 17 I hit a parked car in a parking lot, but the officer did not cite me. This occurred on 12/31/13. Then, also when I was 17, I got a speeding tickets and my license was suspended for 90 days. This occurred on 9/13/14. I followed all of the regulations to reinstate it and I've had my license back now for over a year. Since all three violations did not occur within two years I think I should be ok, especially since I was not cited for the car accident, but I wanted to get a professional opinion so I can prepare myself.

Thank you very much.
Paula V.

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