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Recoupment of commission/salary pay due to overpayment


My company pays commission on a monthly basis. I am an (at will) salary worker for said company.

This past check I was overpaid by a fairly large amount. Instead of paying me my monthly commission on top of my salary, they paid me my bi-weekly salary and my entire commission amount for the year. This amount was direct deposited into my account.

The company is now saying that they are going to deposit my correct base salary + bonus amounts to my bank next Wednesday (5 days after deposit). They will then reverse the initial payment that was made today. They are saying that the full amount of the initial deposit must be present in my account on Wednesday, and that it may take up to 10 days for the reversal to complete depending on my bank. They also said that they will send another reminder before they initiate the process next week. This correspondence was given via email.

My question is; is it legal for my company to reverse payment through my bank without written consent? And, am I required to repay them for this mistake given I am a salary worker who is also paid commission and they were the ones who made the mistake?

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