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Questions about MA license points system

I was recently pulled over and recieved a ticket in Mass, though I am a New Hampshire driver and have never recieved any sort of traffic violation before in either state. I'd like to understand where I stand in terms of points put on my license,etc. I found general categories about what kinds of violations do what, though being completely unfamiliar, I still don't know where I stand.

I was cited for failure to keep right (which I still think is slightly bogus - I was going to get off the next left-hand exit and felt it was safer to move over early than get caught up in the usual traffic too close to the exit) and obstructing traffic (the officer said I was doing under the speed limit - though my spedometer told me I was at 65, which I slowed to specifically BECAUSE there was a cop nearby. Go figure.) Then, because I had a momentary freakout at being pulled over for the first time ever, I have another failure to pull over the right way for the cop.

The obstructing traffic fine is only 20 dollars, and I don't know if that is a surchargeable violation. Does anyone know if it is? If so, how much? Do the other two count as minor traffic violation surcharges (I think 2 points)? I've heard elsewhere that your first one is forgiven (at least for points purposes), though I didn't know if that was true. I won't even get into insurance fees - that seems more complicated - especially since its one ticket, but has 3 citations.

Any help?

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Just to clarify - I know Mass. does not report violations to the home state (NH), but how does that work? Will I have points on my license in one state and not the other? Will my NH-based State Farm insurance go up and/or hear about the violation if Mass. doesn't report to the NH DMV?

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