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Questioning the post mark on a Notice to Quit

My sister who lives in Massachusetts got a Notice to quit in the mail on 5/24/14,but the letter it self ( the actual notice to quit ) was dated 4/21/14,Yet the post mark on the envelope is dated 4/24/14?? This is a 30 day gap from when it was drawn up to when she actually received it in the mail. I noticed the post mark is not from an actual post office it is post marked with Hasler post mark,which is a post marking machine a company can buy and this machine sits in a company office.....So am I wrong to think this was Post marked in the office of the law office and the letter sat around for a good 3 plus weeks and then was dropped off in the mail? this is the only reason we can think of to why it took 30 days to get to my sister,Also if this is the case then the Summons and complaint which she got on the 5/27/14 is not valid. ( for these 2 forms are really 3 days apart ) I believe legal forms and documents should go through a US Government postal offices and not through any ole office that bought a Hasler post mark machine.

Thank you

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