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Propane fire with loss of personal property but not personal injury

We lost our camper in a fire. We believe that it was caused by safety errors during refueling with propane. While we have gotten money from our insurance company to replace the camper, the loss/payment is still on the driving record. We were not physically injured. The truck stop says they followed procedures and will not pay us for personal property, loss of work, etc. What specialty area of law should we look for to have our losses paid for?

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Not sure what you mean about the loss being on your driving record.  In any case, it sounds like a negligence claim.  For that type of litigation you will want to consult a MA personal injury lawyer, someone who specializes in civil litigation.  Good luck.

Appreciate your help. I meant that it would be on the insurance record. Just guessing that down the line, a big claim like this could affect our rates. Do you know if that is possible?

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