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Probate of Abandoned Property with possible Mass Recovery Unit involvement

A close family friend who lives in another state has discovered money on the Mass Abandoned Property website that belongs to her deceased cousin who died in 2007 while a resident in a nursing home. The valued is over $200,000. Her cousin was married with no children. Her spouse, parents and her one sister who never married and didn’t have any children predeceased her.
She would need to go through probate according to the Mass Abandoned Property Division to determine the heirs. I know there is 5 1st cousins on her side and probably some on the paternal side which needs to be researched. She has asked me, if I am willing to file the papers for her which I don’t mind doing. Will the courts allow me to probate the estate if I’m not a family member?
My main concern is that we go through the process of finding all the heirs and file the necessary paperwork then find out the Mass Recovery Unit is entitled to the money. Is there a way to find out if they have a lien again the estate before any probate proceedings?
If everything works out and the heirs are entitled to the money, would the state send the money to the court to be distributed or would they send out separate checks to each heir. Sorry for so many questions but I need to know what I’m getting into.

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