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My sister in law petitioned to be the executor of my late mother in laws estate in June 2018(my mother in law passed January 2016)she has been paying expenses from my mother in laws account in regards to real estate taxes, utilities. She had my mother in laws house appraised in July 2018 and is interested in buying my husband and his brother out. She plans on retiring in 5 years and wants to move back here to the Cape. She has been coming and staying at the house on weekends and vacations. There is minimal contact between her and my husband and his brother. My brother in law emailed her in regards to the status of the house and settling of the estate with no response. Our concern is that she won’t settle the estate until she retires in 5 years , sells her house, and moves here. In the meantime all expenses are being paid for on my late mother in laws house from the estate which she is using as a vacation home. Can we force her to either buy the house or put it up for sale as the house is the only asset other than her bank account which she is using for her own benefit

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