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"Private Property" sign ?

A "No trespassing" sign has a clear meaning, but what legal meaning/effect does a "Private Property" sign have?
Recently "Private Property" signs were placed in wooded area near my home that is often used as a canoe/kayak landing by random people (including myself).
It seems an arguement could be made that the "Private Property" sign doesn't effect public use. If the intent was to prohibit public use "No trespassing" signs should have been used.

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Ah . .  . you may have a future as a lawyer.  However, I would argue that the intent (as well as the probable legal effect) of both signs is to give notice that the land in question in privately owned and not for public use.  As you may know, in many communities, if a property owner complains of trespassers, the police will ask them to post signs giving notice that the property is private and that visitors are not welcome.  After that, the police are more willing to step in and give warnings or, eventually, make an arrest.  I suppose it would be up to the local police to determine what type of sign wills satisfy the notice requirement.  For more information or to post a question, visit our MA Real Estate Law Discussion Forum.


(Chapters 1 through 182) TITLE XIX AGRICULTURE AND CONSERVATION CHAPTER 131 INLAND FISHERIES AND GAME AND OTHER NATURAL RESOURCES section 36vFishing, hunting, or trapping on private, posted ;
Section 36. A person shall not fish, hunt or trap on private land without permission of the owner or tenant thereof, after such owner or tenant has conspicuously posted thereon notices which bear the name of such owner or tenant and which state that fishing, hunting or trapping on such land, as the case may be, is prohibited.

Thanks.  Good information, but it's specific to hunting, fishing and trapping.

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