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Power of attorney opening checking accounts

My mother did a power of attorney last year and named me. I live about 15 miles from her town and the local bank where she has her checking account so I want to open an account locally to make things a bit easier. My mom is fine with that. What rules do I need to follow and will the local bank cooperate?

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Banks are used to this type of arrangement and most will not cause too many problems for you.  The best way to start is to take the power of attorney to the bank and ask them for specific guidance.  In some cases, when the power of attorney was executed more than a year ago, the bank may have concerns.  In that case, here is some additional information.
In other cases, the bank will simply tell you how they want you to endorse checks and what procedures they prefer you to follow when doing your mother's banking.  Every bank has its own set of rules and procedures, but they should not be too onerous.  Good luck.

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