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possible non-compliance with divorce agreement/child support


I have a question regarding compliance in regard to child support arrangements.

My ex-husband and I have joint legal and physical custody of adolescent daughter. Our divorce agreement states that we will combine our incomes and divide that figure in half to arrive at a child support figure. His income is higher than mine, so he pays me child support based on our incomes. The divorce agreement also states that we will share documentation about our incomes as appropriate (at least yearly) to make sure is up to date and the child support figure is based on actual income.

I was laid off from my job and have been collecting unemployment for about 5 months while I search for a new position. My earnings are decreased, at this time, and I've asked my ex-husband to meet with me so we can update our income information and review the child support figure. At this point, he is refusing to meet, share income information or otherwise discuss this issue. He does continue to pay child support based on my previous income, which was higher than my present income.

We were clear in our divorce agreement about the child support arrangement and about sharing tax returns and other relevant documentation related to income to ensure the child support figure is correct.

What options are available to me to encourage my ex to review income information and the child support figure?

Many thanks.

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