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Possible Misrepresentation of a Home for Sale

On the MLS listing for the property that I plan to purchase stated there was a sprinkler system. One reason I considered this property was the fact I wouldn't need to use a hose to water the year.

During the home inspection the listing agent was present and the inspector asked where he could find the irrigation controls so he could test them. The agent said she didn't know and called the buyer to get more information. According to the agent, the buyers removed the sprinkler system a number of years ago because it wasn't working and consisted of approximately $50 - $100 in parts. Therefore, the house has no sprinkler system. When my agent asked the listing agent for some type of compensation, she stated that the sprinkler system was entered into MLS through an administrative error and there would be no compensation.

Frankly, I don't think I have a court case, but should I report the agent to the board?

With the same property, there is a roof deck over the family room accessible from a second floor bedroom. The deck was touted in the listing sheet and I'm sure was factored into the price of the house. During the inspection, the inspector noted the railings around the deck was quite loose. We've asked the sellers if permits were pulled for the installation of the deck, but they said they have no knowledge of said permits. I'm concerned from a liability perspective if the roof deck is illegal. I'm sure it could impact my ability to get a mortgage and/or insurance. I've asked if the sellers would have the city inspector out to give the deck a clean bill of health, but they balked at that idea. They are also unwilling to reduce the price of the property so that I can replace the deck to code. Any thoughts?

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