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Part-time pay and Unemployment Denial due to 501.3c Status

My wife worked at Hellenic College Holy Cross, which I believe is a not-for-profit college and seminary. She worked there full-time from September 2015 to July 2017. Due to the pain endured in a car accident, she could no longer make the up to 2+ hour drive (one-way). As such, she gave her employer plenty of notice about her condition and departure. She has since tried to apply for Unemployment, but received an email stating she had no earnings. The name on her paycheck is from Hellenic College, Incorporated. Doesn't every business have to provide some form of unemployment?

Additionally, after she left, she was asked if she would "consult" from home for 15 hours per week, until her replacement and respective supervisor had a better grasp of the computer database software. As such, she has been at their beck and call since. However, they only pay her when they feel like it. In one instance, she was owed 91 hours, and now they owe her for 43 more. When she inquired about getting a check this week, she was told that her supervisor had forgotten to submit her hours, and that she would have to wait another 2 weeks for a check. Isn't this a violation of state law, as well?

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