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Parked car hit by drunk driver


A few days ago a drunk driver hit my parked vehicle and pretty much totaled it. I picked up a copy of the police report which contained all his personal info along with all is vehicular info. The police report states that he was OUI and had a bac of twice the legal limit and it also states that he hit my vehicle. I have since filed a claim with his insurance company (since I only have liability coverage on mine)and they have sent someone out here to look at the vehicle who declared it a total loss. I also sent a copy of this police report to the claims adjuster assigned to me by his insurance company. I have since called the claim adjuster and he continues to tell me that they can not provide me with a rental or move the process along any further at this point because they have not been able to reach their insured for a statement and therefore can not yet accept liability. My questions are:

Is there some sort of statute of limitations for these things?

Should they be accepting liability based on the police report?

What could happen if this guy decides to never contact his insurance company again?

Should I at this point lawyer up?

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Your insurance may provide the legal representation for this. Your fact pattern does not state whether there has been a trial yet, so the OUI part may not be relevant just yet. Last, your car was parked . Therefore, it will be the other operator's fault provided your car was legally parked. In short, contact your insurance agent for help with your claim.

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