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Paper drivers license not recognized by hingham MA police

Recently on 4/16/2013 my son (19yrs old) passed his road test and the RMV stamped his paper learners permit and told him he was legal to drive. On 4/18/13 the hingham police pulled him over at 9:30pm for expired safety sticker. when the hingham police ran his license thru their system they said it came back expired. My son shoewd the officier his paper license from jus two days earlier but he dismissed it. The car was towed and my son faces a criminal citation for driving with an expired license. Clearly it seems to me the RMV either didnt update thier system or had a data entry error. Comonsense how can a 19 yr old have an expired license, they cant. Why did the officer have to cite him for criminal citation, he must have known that it was a computer error. Know we must go to the registry, then back to the hingham police to get a release for the car, then go to court. Please any assistance would be grateful.

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