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offender that have been registered for 17 years without re offending

My brother is a level one sex offender. He was accused and charged 17 years ago. Since then he had a child, he has a good job and is doing well for himself. Recently he started dating a long time friend who has 2 children. The father of these children found out he was a sex offender and called the state on the mother of his children. DCF told the mother that my brother is not allowed near these children and if he is they will take the children from her. What can my brother do so this does not continue to ruin his life? He was a juvenile when he was convicted. I understatnd that some people need to be monitored and their where abouts must be known at all times. What about the people who made a mistake(this was not a malicious crime? Is this going to follow him for the rest of his life? Anyone with any advice would greatly be appreciated.

Thank youu

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