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Number Plate Violation, Unregistered motor Vehicle, Uninsured motor vehicle

Hi, I am not a USA citizen. I was in USA just for the summer on a Student Exchange program. During my stay I bought a car and a friend attached his old plates on it so I can drive it home. I was stopped by a police officer. I was told that i should appear in court for a hearing. I got through mail my SUMMONS TO DEFENDANT I am charged with 3 offences:
1. Number plate violation to conceal ID c 90 Section 23
2. Unregistered motor vehicle * c 90 Section 9
3. Uninsured motor vehicle c 90 Section 34j
Everything happened 06/15/2008 and its been more then 3 year to know. I was supposed to appear for a hearing on 16/10/2008 but my name and address are written wrong and I get this Summons to defendant paper not in time and I was not able to appear in court or to call and ask for earlier date I am not a US citizen and I was having to leave the country by 01/10/2008. I did not appear in court and now I have a warrant for my arrest in MASS. I am planning to come again to USA and I want to clear my problem. What are my options to clear that out ?

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Sorry about that situation.  Bad break.  However, what started out as a handful or relatively minor offenses has now morphed into a major problem.  Given the serious nature of this problem and the fact that you are not currently residing in the state, you really need to contact a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney and let her work on cleaning up this mess. It is possible you may have to appear in court to resolve the outstanding warrant issue, but perhaps your attorney can avoid that or arrange the court date to coincide with your presence in Massachusetts.  Good luck.

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