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Nuisance Neighbor

We have recently moved to a new town and are trying to take back our farmland from overgrown plants from lack of neglect over the years on the property. We are in process of applying for permits since it's within wetlands or the 100year floodplain.

PROBLEM IS: the spawn of Satan lives on our streets and has a history with harassing the town on all levels of boards: planning boards, health department, conservation, etc. Well, we're his new target and he's using the town to harass us by requesting our permits, emails with agents, etc. He came to a town meeting and spoke outright lies about us and the property maintenance. He believes that since vegetation has overgrown on the property that it should no longer be considered a farm and we shouldn't be able to house animals or have a future farm stand with honey and eggs.

Can he do this? use the town to harass us and lie about what we are doing on the property (which right now is mowing the lawn, tending to the already existing horses and keeping the and the chickens healthy and happy.

I'm losing sleep over the stress he is causing and have started to have daily chest pains when a new message about his accusations have been brought forth.

Someone help with any advice.

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