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Neighbors using our land, how do we protect ourselves?

Posting this for my elderly parents...theyre home consists of 4 separate 50x100 lots, 2 deeded separately from the others. There is an old fence that my father built in the late 90s in-between their yard and the neighbor's, but it was not built directly on the lot line as we were good friends with the previous owners and there were a few trees in the way, so my parents own 2-3 feet of land over the fence, almost completely up to the homes basement bulkhead. The original lot markers(cement blocks in the ground) for all 4 of my parents lots are still in place, but the contractor that flipped the house next door removed the lot stakes from his survey, most likely after seeing how much smaller the already tiny yard would be. A couple years ago the home was sold and the couple that moved in has since erected a shed with a concrete floor and are now building some sort of large privacy wall that exceeds the legal height limits. Both are completely against my parents fence and obviously enroach on the property. My parents, having never dealt with this before don't seem to understand what the big deal is, as I had to explain to them what adverse possession was. The new neighbors are nice and my parents could care less about the lot lines, but I feel this can cause issues in the future. I know there is a relatively simple way to allow a neighbor to use your property without them ever being able to make any kind of claim, but I'm not sure of the exact process. I just know that they are better to be protected than to sleep and run into issues in the future. Can the neighbor's ever claim this as adverse possession? How can my parents be protected? I know the first step is an updated survey. Thanks in advance

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