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Neighbor's trees

My husband and I own a used car lot in a business/residential neighborhood. The neighbors have 2 huge trees near the border of my property. A huge branch broke off due to rot. It is leaning against another branch over my garage and another neighbors' property. We have spent a week readying the lot for a crane and wood chipper to be brought in as our lot is the only access. Now that the lot is ready the owner notified our other neighbor that it is now their and my problem because we refused to get the lot ready. Ww were never notified, by the tree owner, of anything. We learned about this whole problem from the tree man and our other neighbor. I hope this is clear and understandable as I need to know what our options are now and is the owner responsible. Thanks for your time, Zebo

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You can follow this link for some information about overhanging branches from neighbor's trees.  Not sure I understand what your question is, but in addition to your right to remove branches in some cases, that post discusses the issue of whether a person can be liable for damage caused by falling branches.  Your neighbor should not simply ignore the threat posed by the broken branches to property and people.  Good luck. 

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