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Multiple repairs for same issue

Our car's (a newer model Buick) air conditioner slowly began to warm one day until the air conditioner light on the console began to blink then turn off. We called a Buick dealer and they informed us that it meant our air conditioner had failed. We researched local repair shops and found one with good reviews on Yelp so we went in. The owner was clear and friendly and said they would run computer diagnostics on our car is order to find out exactly what was wrong. We left the car there and they returned it to us in one day and after a $1500 bill for the compressor it seemed to be working fine.

We went on a road trip 2 days later and about 2 hours into the trip the air conditioner slowly got warmer until the light turned off, the same way it had done the week before. We informed the owner immediately and we brought the car back to him when we returned from our trip. He claimed a rock had hit a different part and knocked a hole in it which is where the gas escaped from. He said it was a fluke accident, he kept the car for 2 and a half days, charged us another $1000 for a condenser, and the car seemed fine. For 2 days. Then while driving around town the air slowly warmed until the light turned off. We called immediately.

Back in we went. We were told the compressor was faulty and needed to be replaced. Another bill for $79 for a worn belt, and we got it back this time in one day. Now here we are 2 days later, just got back from a drive to NH and guess what? Air con slowly warmed until the light turned off.

In between these visits the owner has gotten grumpy with us for asking questions after the second round of repairs, had us sit in the shop for 4 and a half hours just to re-gass and add dye to the unit so we could drive it around for a while and hopefully he could see where the leak was, we asked to see the compressor he originally bought and had to replace on the day he replaced it but he would not let us see in claiming he had already returned it, and now we are apprehensive about calling him in the morning to tell him it's still failing, very unsure about how he will react.

Ideally we would like our money refunded so we can take the car to someone who can repair it. I've researched the .gov Consumer Affairs website and found general info, but what I'd like to know is what is fair and reasonable? We've given him 3 tries (and one visit for re-gassing), it's been just over a month and we are frustrated, out over $2500 and still have an air conditioner that doesn't work. Have we given him ample opportunity to fix the car? Will a court view this as fair if we need to take him to small claims?

Thanks in advance.

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