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Motion for Relief from stay Chapt. 13


A motion for Relief from Stay has been filed for my Chapter 13 case from my Mortgage holders attorneys. here is a line from the filing.

Note and the Mortgage are in post-petition default for April for $ $5,644

another line states "The Debtor’s arrearage at the time of filing totaled $11,740 "

Where is the difference from ? could it be attorneys fees ? I have not been informed of any fees. Does this amount ( 6,000 ) seem reasonable?

I offered to pay the 5,664 on Sept. 8th ( motion filed on Aug 14th but the request was denied.

I have been granted an extension to file a response until Sept 18th. If I pay the past due payments of $5,644 will the motion still be granted ?


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Submitted Sat, 08/26/2017 - 10:01

1. Post-petition is the amount you are behind since filing

2. The 11 k was what you were behind when you filed

3. Since August you missed another payment

4. There are likely legal and other fees you will have to pay to cure the arrears

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