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Motion to Dismiss Template?

I'm not a lawyer.

I need to file a Motion to Dismiss.

I can't find any templates online.

We're being sued for failing to pay on a promissory note in connection with the sale/purchase of a business. The sellers, who we have the note with, violated the P&S at least 33 times. The sellers executed the P&S not once but twice!

In the P&S we agreed to dispute any issues first with a mediator and then if that doesn't work to take before Mass Middlesex County court - not Worcester County where they filed.

I'd like to file a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. I'm about out of time, our "response" must be submitted before the 31st.

If anyone can help me with a simple motion to dismiss template, I would forever be in your debt.

We have not been able to find representation due to time of year and short-notice.


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