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Mothers ashes

My mother died 5 years ago, at the age of 86, and not married, and I was the only son she raised. She was cremated, but I was living in Colorado, on Social Security, and was not able to be their at her death. My youngest brother was asked if he wanted the ashes, but did not want them, because he hated her for leaving him when he was just 2. He had told me a day after her death, and I said to him that I would take care of it. My son who lived way upstate New York, on the border of Vermont, and my ex wife lived in Vermont. I talk to my ex wife all the time, even to this day. I gave her instructions, for her, her son and wife, on what to do with the ashes, and that was to take some of them to the cemetery, near Water town, Mass, where her mother was buried, as their was a plot for all 5 daughters to be buried near their mother, who is Lucy Darch. I gave full instructions, and a map, so they would know where the cemetery was. I waited for a couple of weeks, and they had not picked up the ashes yet, and I waited a couple more weeks, and still no ashes. So called a few weeks later, and they had picked up the ashes, but never followed any directions I had given them. They took the ashes back to their own house. I asked why thy did not do what I asked, and they said the ashes were theirs to do what they want. I have pleaded for 5 years to get some of my mothers ashes, and to this day, I can not get any of them. I asked them to split them up, and keep some, and put some near her mothers grave, and send me some, but they will not give me any. What are my rights on this matter. This situation really hurt me, and I still want some of my mothers ashes... Phillip Zane Arnhold

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